Hey There!

​Let’s start with the basics! If you’ve ever had your family photographed with me, you might have heard me refer to something I like to call “The grandma shot”. Why I call it that will be really evident once I explain what it is. It’s something so simple, it’s that shot of everyone, looking at the camera and (hopefully) smiling. 

I know it’s something that is going out of fashion more and more. I see the trend in the photography world, where more and more people and photographers alike, spruiking the joy of lifestyle photography, that goes one step further than candid and natural, into getting a glimpse of the everyday life of families and loved ones. Documentary style photography if you will. 

I absolutely love this side of photography. When I take photos of my own family, they are the types of images that I take, my kids doing their thing, those little things that, as a mother, I want to remember, how the concentrated while drawing, their crazy trampoline hair, and the dirty messy times in the mud kitchen outside.

So it’s safe to say I lean more towards creating moments in my family sessions for families to connect, laugh and capture a little bit of authenticity in my images. 


Before I do that, and I do a few ones of everyone smiling looking at me, if I can. 

​And this little post will explain why…


Firstly and I’ll be pretty honest here…. as a self trained photographer it became a habit, because starting out as a mum with a camera, #mumtog, and honestly no clue about what was ‘on trend’ with photography or ‘cool’. Because in case you haven’t noticed, I am not one of the cool kids, nah, I was the awkward girl down the back back of art class who’s name the teacher can never pronounce. 

But anyway! I just figured when getting into this, that everyone smiling looking at the camera was what you just did when you took family portraits. So that’s just what I started out doing!


Secondly, I do it because it’s what most clients expect and what they know how to do!   
We all know no one likes having their photograph taken, when I start a session most people are feeling nervous, it takes a while for us all to loosen up and start having fun to get more natural interactions and moments.  So the first thing I do is get everyone sitting or standing together and we all look at smile at the camera. 

Because no one quite knows what to do in front of a camera, no one looks natural, we don’t wander through fields laughing and smiling at each other dressed in our sunday best whilst simultaneously ignoring the fact we are walking over cow dung,  Am I right?

But as a photographer, my job is to set up these moments, and when the session starts lets get that everyone looking at me done, have everyone feel good and relax because we got a shot of everyone looking (for grandma 😉 ) and then we can actually enjoy ourselves!


And finally, I take that shot of everyone looking at the camera, because we are going to want to remember what we all looked like.

A memory of you and your babies at this stage of life (whatever that stage) should be something that you can look back on and say there is your baby, that’s what your baby looked like at 2, 5 or 7 or whatever age… That’s what YOU looked like. That is just what your family looked like.

I don’t ever want to become so focused on the laughter and the ‘moments’ that I forget about being able to see my families. 

Without that image of everyone looking at the camera, a session, in my eyes, is incomplete. There is something missing, and you can bet your bottom dollar your grandma will let you know about it too! She wants to see everyone’s faces, to know what your children look like right now, how they are changing and growing, their smile… She knows it’s important!

And so do I 😉 

By the way, I knew I would have to share every image from this recent beautiful family session, this was the second session that Lucy and her family have come to me with and man were they photogenic, we had an awesome morning photographing with the best cloudy daylight, it was something magical.

I hope you guys enjoy looking through the rest of this gallery below! Check out all those grandma shots 😉 hehe



If you’re interested in booking in a family session so that I can capture some grandma shots for your own family, ok and some beautiful candid moments too! Then get in touch with me using the CONTACT PAGE, and remember to book well in advance, bookings taken up to 3 months in advance. 

Thank you