Well if this isn’t the most beautiful baby boy’s cake smash that Albury Wodonga has ever seen then I clearly need my eyes checked OR, it could be that I am this boys mother and am totally biased! Either way I know you’ll agree with me while you scroll through this gallery that this little blue eye’d boy looks absolutely adorable!


You want to know an ultimate confession. I have NEVER liked cake smashes! Yeah that’s right, I never understood why so many clients requested these sessions! But every year I photograph heaps of cake smashes. 

So when my youngest baby turned ONE, I decided I would finally try it out on one of my own children and see it from the mother’s perspective…

I’ll admit, at first this was straight up stressful. I vow to never again photograph my own child’s cake smash session, organising everything on the day was super stressful for me. I swear so much easier for my clients when the rock up and the cake is already here waiting, decorations are up and all we have to do with bub is plonk them down in front of a cake!

But luckily I had an amazing friend volunteer her time that day with me, she helped me with getting this kid to smile and keeping him on set (because quite often babies like to crawl around). So now, my son is almost two. And I look back on these photographs and absolutely melt into a god damn puddle. He was so cheeky.

Isn’t this the absolute amazing thing about photographs, they completely transport us back to a time, a memory…

And now, I completely get it. I know cake smashes are a bit of a show, but honestly. They capture the best parts of being ONE!

The cheekiness, the mess, the rolls, the joy all rolled into one adorable session!

Did I mention we do bath portraits to clean up after cake smashes?? 

Yup. Even more cuteness!!

If you want to know how you can book in your little one’s cake smash just get in touch, I need a minimum of two weeks notice, however it’s ideal to book about 2 months in advance for a cake smash session.

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