Hey Guys!
So it was about 7 years ago I decided that whilst working full-time I wanted to try my hand at doing something more with my little hobby of taking photos (mostly of nature and my puppy dogs at that stage!)
Long before I started family photos, infact, before I even made my Facebook page I contacted my friend Amy. I told her I have a good camera, and that I wanted to take some photos of her. Like every amazing best friend she was at my house within a week and in my back garden we took some rather awful glamour portraits of her. She was so gracious I remember only hearing encouraging things from her. So next thing you know I made a Facebook page and started calling myself a photographer.
I was booking families and doing some sessions that were in hindsight completely awful. Amy got pregnant and she was having a baby. So Beautiful Caleb came in to the world. At the time I wasn’t photographing newborns so when he was about 4 months old he came into my home studio, in a bedroom of my house, I put him in a bucket and we put tinsel over him and did this Christmas themed photo shoot with Caleb.
Now if you ever see these photos, I don’t know that any of them are online anymore, but I can tell you that you would not guess that these were my work. But everybody starts somewhere and I was so lucky to have a friend who not only encouraged me but let me use her and her family as models continuously when I was learning.
So eventually I moved away from Amy. I kept doing my photography on the side and I kept trying to build it up and a couple of years later she started her own photography business in the much the same way that I had all those years earlier! ( If you live up north you should check out Amy’s amazing work by CLICKING HERE. She is a very talented Wedding and Family Photographer in Darwin, Northern Territory!)
So all of the sudden I had a really good friend who was doing photography with me and I had somebody to talk all things photos, cameras and Photoshop. Not only that but when I got pregnant with my second child I travelled to Amy to have her photograph my maternity photos and repay back some of the experiences that she gave me.
So imagine now – between the two of us six children later, Amy contacted me to book in her family photos before they move up north again and I’m so over the moon but I am also so nervous because this is somebody who has always encouraged me this journey and somebody who I owe so much to. I wanted to do her family justice, I wanted her family session to be incredible.
 We organised to head up to Eastern Hill in Albury Wodonga and we took her family out running around the hill for an evening in the sunset. Amy was so worried and leading up to the session she kept calling me to tell me how feral her kids were and how she doesn’t know if they’re going to behave or what they’re going to be like on the day all these things that as photographers we know that clients stress about but all of a sudden with her being a client instead of the photographer she was stressed. So as much as I could I laid her fears I told her how I’m really good with kids and that it will be perfect because I know all her children and that they have beautiful kids and I’m sure we won’t have any dramas, that kids will be kids and I’m so used to working around kids in sessions. This is part of my job.
So The Night Comes and we had an amazing evening I can honestly say all of Amy’s fears about how her kids would behave were completely unfounded, they did such a brilliant job. All we really ask kids to do is to cuddle Mum and Dad and spend time with their family and what kid doesn’t love spending time with their family?
I’ve posted an image from Amys session on my Facebook page but I could not pick just a few more to share, they are simply all worth sharing!
So I needed to make time to make this blog post so that I could show off this incredibly beautiful family.
It was so lovely to be able to get back to Amy and if you have been looking through these photos and just imagining your family and what your family might look like at this session then get in touch with me because I love doing this for families and I love capturing all of these little moments that make up the story of your family.
Click here to contact me about your family memories!

And I hope you enjoy looking through this beautiful gallery.