Delilah and I first met at her newborn session about 18 months ago.

This beautiful little girl came into my Wodonga photography studio and she absolutely stole my heart! She had this huge mop of hair! It was Gorgeous!! There is just something about a baby with a full head of hair I am sure you guys will always agree. And I especially know this because any time I put an image of a baby with a full head of hair on my Facebook it gets so many likes and comments from everybody.

Delilah came back in to the studio when she was about 10 months old for a little sitter session! We did some gorgeous little setups of her and it was so good to see Mum Holly again!

 The more that I see a client, the better we get to know each other, and I feel like the better my sessions are with that client!

 So when Holly contacted me for a family session with her and Delilah she wanted to include their beautiful puppy dog too! Of course I was so excited about this session! And it did not disappoint, it was so easy and casual and fun.

One of the things that I love that Holly did as Mum on this session is that she was so prepared she had brought along her dog’s favourite toy, along with Delilah’s favourite snuggie AND a little Tea Party set! Because that’s something that Holly said that her and Delilah do a lot of often. And the main reason that I loved all this so much is that Holly didn’t mind that these were in the end photos, in fact she had planned them to be a special part of her session. 

Sometimes parents bring these to the sessions as a reward, or to try and make their bub or child happy but they don’t actually want them in the photos. 

I think that we’re missing out on something there, because as a parent you would know that child at that age carry that thing everywhere and when we look back on photos, we want them to be a true reflection of our child at that time.

These two were so beautiful and the session was so calm and relaxing that I actually ended up creating a little video for them, something that I’ve been experimenting with in my business! At the moment I feel like I have got in my photography to a place that I’m really happy with, I love what I’m producing for my clients and my clients are loving the images.

So because I’m a creative being I needed to challenge myself a little bit more, and my way of doing that was to start incorporating and experimenting with video in sessions when I have the chance to do so. This was the perfect session to do because we didn’t have a lot of people, it’s just Holly and Delilah and their dog. 

So enjoy this gorgeous session and let me know in the comments below what you think of the video and the images we got during this really sweet little session!